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27th Jan

Bayesian Classification on Rails

simple tutorial on the classifier gem

26th Jan

300&65 Ampersands

21st Jan

Realism in UI Design

good advice to steer away from making symbols in design overly realistic

19th Jan
For consumer web apps today, design matters more than technology. Much has been written about how the cloud, accessible web frameworks, etc. have dramatically lowered the cost of getting a startup to market, and that’s certainly true, but it also means that since everyone is on EC2 and Ruby on Rails, technology is no longer what differentiates most consumer web apps. What does is design.
 Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry
12th Jan

Simple Numbers, Complicated Dates

Some really innovative designs here.

8th Jan

Can functional programming be liberated from the von Neumann paradigm?

Interesting article stating Monadic IO is really a non-solution.

6th Jan

Mount options to improve ext4 file system performance

Not tried this yet but helps speeds up tests

17th Dec

Ruby interface to

At work we use to encode videos. Up until now there hasn’t been a ruby client library for their API, but I released one a week or so ago. It’s quite simple to use:

require 'encoding_dot_com'

queue ='your id', 'your secret')

# loads of options, see the documentation
output = EncodingDotCom::Format.create("output" => "flv")
media_id = queue.add_and_process("http://some/url", 
                                 "http://some/destination" => output)

# To check how your video is doing

Install from gemcutter with gem install encoding-dot-com and see the online API docs.


15th Dec


A skeleton window manager in 50 lines of C!

7th Dec

Taste of Haskell

presentation on Haskell and XMonad from Simon Peyton Jones.

Web forms design guidelines

Another set of form design tips based on eyetracking studies


QuickCheck for javascript - kind of like fuzz testing with properties from the haskell community.

22nd Nov

JRuby presentations

A whole boatload of JRuby (& duby) presentations

26th Oct

Over-engineering is poison. It’s not like doing extra work for extra credit. It’s more like telling a lie that you then have to remember so you don’t contradict it. …

It’s so important to launch fast that it may be better to think of your initial version not as a product, but as a trick for getting users to start talking to you.

Paul Graham
20th Oct

Pearls Before Breakfast

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